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Appointment to the doctor and for diagnosis

Enter the doctor's specialty, diagnostic method, clinic (via a quick search)

The medical care search service allows you to:

Homeopathy Online
make an appointment
Make an appointment
with a doctor
Make an appointment
for a diagnosis
Treatment of the disease in the clinic Get an online consultation (telemedicine)

Answers to frequently asked questions

  1. Is it more expensive to register via Kiberis than in a clinic?
    No, the prices in Kiberis do not differ from the prices in clinics, and the services for selecting the best specialist are free of charge. Even more than that-often through Kiberis you can enroll cheaper than in the clinic itself.
  2. How do I make an appointment with a doctor or for an examination?
    Вы переходите на страницу нужной специальности или обследования, и отправляете заявку на прием онлайн, и вскоре с вами свяжутся и уточнят все детали.
  3. How is the payment made?
    Everything is paid for in the clinic itself. The only exceptions are telemedicine online consultations, for which remote payment can be used.
  4. Kiberis is a clinic?
    No, Kiberis is a medical artificial intelligence system for helping doctors and patients. A doctor's appointment is just for ease of use.
  5. I'm a doctor. How do I start seeing patients?
    Register in the system, write down your medical data in the system, and then send us the documents confirming them. Learn more in the registration process.

Available medical specialties

  1. Dentist consultation
  2. Consultation of an allergist-immunologist
  3. Consultation of an obstetrician-gynecologist on pregnancy
  4. Pregnancy management 1 trimester
  5. Pregnancy management 2-3 trimester
  6. Pregnancy management 2 trimester
  7. Pregnancy management 3rd trimester
  8. Pregnancy management 1-3 trimester
  9. Management of multiple pregnancies
  10. Registration for pregnancy
  11. Consultation of an obstetrician-gynecologist on miscarriage
  12. Ambulance doctor
  13. Transportation of the patient to the clinic
  14. Getting out of a binge at home
  15. Consultation of a narcologist at home
  16. Consultation of a speech therapist-aphasiologist
  17. Consultation of a speech therapist at home
  18. Consultation of a speech therapist-a speech therapist
  19. Consultation of an oncologist-mammologist
  20. Consultation of a radiologist
  21. Consultation of an embryologist
  22. Consultation of a thoracic surgeon
  23. Consultation of a lymphologist
  24. Consultation of a neuro-ophthalmologist
  25. Consultation of a neurophysiologist
  26. Consultation of a laser ophthalmic surgeon
  27. Consultation of an ophthalmologist surgeon
  28. Family psychologist consultation
  29. Family psychotherapist consultation
  30. Consultation of an endovascular surgeon
  31. Consultation with a cardiologist
  32. Consultation with a therapist
  33. Consultation of a neurologist
  34. Consultation of a vertebrologist
  35. Consultation of a vestibulologist
  36. Orthopedic consultation
  37. Consultation of a surgeon
  38. Consultation of a traumatologist
  39. Consultation of a dermatocosmetologist
  40. Consultation with a dermatologist
  41. Consultation of a plastic surgeon
  42. Consultation of an andrologist
  43. Consultation of a urologist
  44. Consultation of a phlebologist
  45. Consultation of a gastroenterologist
  46. Consultation of an orthopedic dentist
  47. Consultation of a dentist-surgeon
  48. Consultation of a chiropractor
  49. Consultation of an osteopath
  50. Consultation of a vascular surgeon
  51. Psychiatric consultation
  52. Consultation of a dietitian
  53. Consultation of a nutritionist
  54. Consultation of an endocrinologist
  55. Consultation of an otolaryngologist
  56. Consultation of an ophthalmologist
  57. Consultation of a gynecologist
  58. Consultation of an implantologist
  59. Consultation of a maxillofacial surgeon
  60. Consultation of a psychologist
  61. Consultation of a mammologist
  62. Oncologist consultation
  63. Consultation of an ultrasound specialist
  64. Consultation of a trichologist
  65. Orthodontist consultation
  66. Consultation of a gynecologist-endocrinologist
  67. Consultation of a narcologist
  68. Consultation with a toxicologist
  69. Consultation with a psychotherapist
  70. Consultation of an arrhythmologist
  71. Consultation of a venereologist
  72. Consultation of a dermatooncologist
  73. Consultation of an anesthesiologist-resuscitator
  74. Consultation of a proctologist
  75. Consultation of a laser surgeon
  76. Consultation of a family doctor
  77. Consultation of a dental hygienist
  78. Consultation with a physiotherapist
  79. Consultation of a mycologist
  80. Consultation of a functional diagnostician
  81. Consultation of a neuropsychologist
  82. Consultation of a rheumatologist
  83. Consultation of a sexologist
  84. Consultation of a hirudotherapist
  85. Consultation of an endoscopist
  86. Consultation of a reflexologist
  87. Oncourologist consultation
  88. Consultation of a reproductologist
  89. Massage therapist consultation
  90. Rehabilitation specialist consultation
  91. Consultation of a physical therapy doctor
  92. Consultation of a radiographer
  93. Consultation with a diabetologist
  94. Sports doctor's consultation
  95. Consultation of a geneticist
  96. Consultation of an infectious disease specialist
  97. Consultation of a periodontist
  98. Consultation of a pulmonologist
  99. Consultation of an epileptologist
  100. Podiatrist's consultation
  101. Consultation of a speech therapist
  102. Consultation of a defectologist
  103. Consultation of a nephrologist
  104. Consultation of an oncogynecologist
  105. Consultation of a neurosurgeon
  106. Consultation of a pediatrician
  107. Consultation of a kinesiologist
  108. Consultation with a hepatologist
  109. Consultation of a hematologist
  110. Consultation of an arthrologist
  111. Consultation of a vegetologist
  112. Consultation of a gerontologist (geriatrician)
  113. Consultation of a transfusiologist
  114. Consultation of a somnologist
  115. Consultation with a chemotherapist
  116. Consultation of a surdologist
  117. Consultation of a hearing prosthetist
  118. Consultation of an otoneurologist
  119. Consultation of a parasitologist
  120. Consultation of a cardiac surgeon
  121. Consultation of a phoniatrist
  122. Consultation of a professional pathologist
  123. Consultation of a neonatologist
  124. Consultation of a phthisiologist
  125. Fadiatop for children
  126. Fadiatop adult
  127. Amino Acid Research
  128. Blood test for L-carnitine
  129. Коэффициент насыщения трансферрина железом
  130. Cardiological profiles
  131. Other diagnostic panels
  132. Pregnancy planning tests
  133. Surgical Hospital profile
  134. Blood test for cyclosporine
  135. Digoxin blood test
  136. Everolimus blood test
  137. Blood test for lamotrigine
  138. Blood test for levetiracetam
  139. Blood test for oxcarbazepine
  140. Blood test for topiramate
  141. Blood test for valproic acid
  142. Blood test for glutamate dehydrogenase (GlDH)
  143. Analysis for antibodies to saccharomycetes
  144. Antibodies to goblet cells of the intestine (BCC)
  145. Genodiagnostics of connective tissue diseases
  146. Genodiagnostics of pseudoxanthoma
  147. Genodiagnostics of Marfan syndrome
  148. Genodiagnostics of Stickler syndrome
  149. Genodiagnostics of diseases of the blood system
  150. Genodiagnostics of congenital dyserythropoietic anemia
  151. Genetic diagnosis of Diamond-Blackfen anemia
  152. Genodiagnostics of Fanconi anemia
  153. Genodiagnostics of X-linked sideroblastic anemia
  154. Genodiagnostics of neutropenia
  155. Genodiagnostics of thalassemia
  156. Genodiagnostics of heart diseases
  157. Genodiagnostics of Andersen syndrome
  158. Genodiagnostics of long QT syndrome
  159. Genodiagnostics of arrhythmogenic cardiomyopathy
  160. Genodiagnostics of dilated cardiomyopathy
  161. Consultation of a pediatric allergist-immunologist
  162. Consultation of a pediatric cardiologist
  163. Consultation with a pediatric dermatologist
  164. Consultation of a pediatric endocrinologist
  165. Consultation of a pediatric gastroenterologist
  166. Consultation of a pediatric gynecologist
  167. Consultation of a pediatric nephrologist
  168. Consultation of a pediatric neurologist
  169. Consultation of a pediatric ophthalmologist
  170. Consultation of a pediatric otolaryngologist
  171. Consultation of a child psychologist
  172. Consultation of a pediatric pulmonologist
  173. Consultation of a pediatric surgeon
  174. Consultation of a pediatric traumatologist-orthopedist
  175. Consultation of a pediatric urologist
  176. Genodiagnostics of dermatoses
  177. On-site consultation of a phlebologist
  178. Genodiagnostics of ectodermal dysplasia
  179. Genodiagnostics of the Germansky-Pudlak syndrome
  180. Genodiagnostics of Bloch-Sulzberger syndrome
  181. Genodiagnostics of congenital ichthyous erythroderma (nebulous)
  182. Genodiagnostics of Bloom syndrome
  183. Genodiagnostics of enteropathic acrodermatitis
  184. Genodiagnostics of ichthyosis
  185. Genodiagnostics of endocrinopathies
  186. Genodiagnostics of adrenogenital syndrome
  187. On-site consultation of a rheumatologist
  188. Consultation of a pediatric rheumatologist
  189. Genodiagnostics of Walcott-Rallison syndrome
  190. Genodiagnostics of the Schwachman-Diamond syndrome
  191. Genodiagnostics of Wolfram syndrome
  192. Genodiagnostics of congenital hypothyroidism
  193. Genodiagnostics of testicular feminization syndrome (AR gene)
  194. Genodiagnostics of immunopathies
  195. Genodiagnostics of IPEX syndrome
  196. Genodiagnostics of Chediak-Higashi syndrome
  197. Gene diagnostics of autoimmune lymphoproliferative syndrome
  198. Genodiagnostics of Duncan's disease
  199. On-site consultation of a traumatologist
  200. Genodiagnostics of metabolic diseases
  201. Genodiagnostics of metachromatic leukodystrophy
  202. Genodiagnostics of cystinosis
  203. Genodiagnostics of the Kriegler-Nayar syndrome
  204. Genodiagnostics of Smith-Lemli-Opitz syndrome
  205. Genodiagnostics of Jackson-Weiss syndrome
  206. Genodiagnostics of Klippel-Feil syndrome
  207. Gene diagnostics of achondroplasia
  208. Genodiagnostics of atelosteogenesis (dysplasia de la Chapelle)
  209. Genodiagnostics of hypochondroplasia
  210. Genodiagnostics of multiple exostoses
  211. Genodiagnostics of Finkel's spinal amyotrophy
  212. Genodiagnostics of Andermann syndrome (SLC12A6 gene)
  213. Genodiagnostics of spinal amyotrophy types I, II, III, IV
  214. Genodiagnostics of tuberous sclerosis (TSC1 and TSC2 genes)
  215. Genodiagnostics of X-linked spinal amyotrophy (UBA1 gene)
  216. Genodiagnostics of Walker-Warburg syndrome
  217. Genodiagnostics of Aicardi-Gutierrez syndrome
  218. Consultation of a child psychiatrist at home
  219. Consultation of a child psychiatrist
  220. Genodiagnostics of Alstrom syndrome
  221. Consultation of a psychiatrist at home
  222. Gene diagnostics of Axenfeld-Rieger syndrome
  223. Genodiagnostics of Leber 's amaurosis
  224. Consultation of a psychologist online
  225. Genodiagnostics of Leber's optic nerve atrophy
  226. Genodiagnostics of corneal dystrophy
  227. Blood test for hepatitis G
  228. Genodiagnostics of hereditary diseases
  229. Hormonal profile for women
  230. Analysis for antibodies to leishmania
  231. Analysis for antibodies to giardia
  232. Consultation of a pediatric otolaryngologist at home
  233. Diagnosis of viral infections
  234. Diagnosis of parasitic infestations
  235. Gene diagnostics of Antley-Bixler syndrome
  236. Gene diagnostics of the Aper syndrome
  237. Genodiagnostics of pseudohypoparathyroidism
  238. Genodiagnostics of rhabdomyolysis (myoglobinuria)
  239. Genodiagnostics of multiple epiphyseal dysplasia
  240. Genodiagnostics of brachydactyly
  241. Gene diagnostics of Strumpel's spastic paraplegia
  242. Gene diagnostics of Martin's syndrome
  243. Consultation of a pediatric rheumatologist at home
  244. Consultation of a pediatric hematologist
  245. Consultation of a pediatric infectious disease specialist
  246. Consultation of a pediatric cardiologist at home
  247. Consultation of a pediatric dermatologist at home
  248. Consultation of a pediatric gastroenterologist at home
  249. Analysis for allergy to dogs
  250. Consultation of a pediatric gynecologist at home
  251. Consultation of a pediatrician at home
  252. Consultation of a pediatric infectious disease specialist at home
  253. Consultation of a pediatric endocrinologist at home
  254. Consultation of a pediatric allergist-immunologist at home
  255. Consultation of a pediatric neurologist at home
  256. Consultation of a pediatric ophthalmologist at home
  257. Consultation of a pediatric pulmonologist at home
  258. Consultation of a pediatric surgeon at home
  259. Consultation of a pediatric urologist at home
  260. Consultation of a pediatric nephrologist at home
  261. Consultation of a homeopath
  262. Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 RNA detection
  263. Genodiagnostics of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy
  264. Consultation of a pediatric oncologist
  265. Repeated consultation of a pediatric rheumatologist

The main sections of medical services are

  1. Diagnostics
  2. Analyzes
  3. Therapy
  4. Traumatology-orthopedics
  5. Oncology
  6. Surgery
  7. Plastic surgery
  8. Gynecology
  9. Dermatology
  10. Narcology
  11. Allergology
  12. Consultations
  13. Physical therapy
  14. Proctology
  15. Andrology
  16. Dentistry
  17. Urology
  18. Pediatrics
  19. Cardiology
  20. Gastroenterology
  21. Obstetrics
  22. Neurology
  23. Cosmetology
  24. Pulmonology
  25. Psychiatry
  26. Venereology
  27. Mammology
  28. Phlebology
  29. Endocrinology
  30. Speech therapy
  31. Ophthalmology
  32. Otolaryngology
  33. Rheumatology
  34. Trichology

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