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Glasgow Coma Scale

  1. Calculation of the severity of coma on the Glasgow scale
  2. Fill in the analysis table, and Kiberis itself will calculate all the indicators and draw conclusions.
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Opening eyes
Speech reaction
Motor reaction Motor response.
Coma depth Conclusion on level of coma according to Glasgow scale. Norm «≥15» for a given gender and age.

About this calculator

Number of points for each criterion

Points: 1 2 3 4 5 6
Eye opening (E, Eye response) Does not open Opens as a reaction to pain irritation Opens, in response to a voice Opens spontaneously, observes N/A N/A
Speech response (V, Verbal response) No sounds Makes sounds, but not words Pronounces individual words Utters phrases, but the speech is incoherent Oriented, quick and correct answer to the question asked N/A
Motor reaction (M, Motor response) Doesn't move Pathological extension in response to pain (decerebration rigidity) Pathological flexion in response to pain (decortication rigidity) Senseless movements in response to pain Localizes pain, tries to avoid it Performing movements by voice command

The scores for each of the items (eye opening, verbal response, motor reaction) are summed up.

Interpretation of the obtained results

  • 15 points clear consciousness
  • 14 points light stun
  • 13 points moderate stun
  • 11-12 points deep stun
  • 8-10 points sopor
  • 6-7 points moderate coma
  • 4-5 points deep coma
  • 3 points extreme coma, brain death

Glasgow coma scale in children

for children under 4 years of age, it is similar to the scale for adults, except for the evaluation of the verbal response.

  • Eye opening (E, Eye response)
    1. Arbitrary 4 points
    2. As a reaction to the voice 3 points
    3. As a reaction to pain 2 points
    4. Missing 1 point
  • Speech response (V, Verbal response)
    1. The child smiles, focuses on sound, follows objects, is interactive 5 points
    2. The child can be calmed when crying, the interactivity is incomplete 4 points
    3. When crying calms down, but not for long, moans 3 points
    4. Does not calm down when crying, restless 2 points
    5. Crying and interactivity are missing 1 point
  • Motor reaction (M, Motor response)
    1. Performing movements on command 6 points
    2. Purposeful movement in response to pain irritation (repulsion) 5 points
    3. Twitching of the limb in response to pain irritation 4 points
    4. Pathological flexion in response to pain irritation (decortication) 3 points
    5. Pathological extension in response to pain irritation (decerebration) 2 points
    6. Lack of movement 1 point

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