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Selection of traditional Chinese therapy

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ARVI high temperature runny nose
cough headache insomnia
increased blood pressure stomach ache More hints...
sore throat nausea sinusitis
gastritis angina pectoris heart failure
arthrosis seasonal allergy glomerulonephritis
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  1. Enter your symptoms, tests and diagnoses via 🔍 Quick search
  2. Answer the questions Kiberis in the table ('symptom' | ✘ (no)).
  3. The results show complex remedies, the most suitable drugs for the treatment of these problems.
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Подробнее о сервисе: Kiberis selects Chinese drugs with the help of artificial intelligence, taking into account all the indications and contraindications.
For patients , an online medical service allows you to check the safety and effectiveness of their prescribed therapy. Kiberis helps doctors to choose an individual therapy taking into account a huge number of parameters, which increases the effectiveness of treatment.

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