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Express diagnosis online make

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ARVI high temperature runny nose
cough headache insomnia
increased blood pressure stomach ache More hints...
sore throat nausea sinusitis
gastritis angina pectoris heart failure
arthrosis seasonal allergy glomerulonephritis
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  1. Enter your symptoms, tests and diagnoses via 🔍 Quick search
  2. Answer the questions Kiberis in the table ('symptom' | ✘ (no) To)).
  3. The results show the specific probabilities of diagnoses relative to each other, allowing you to quickly navigate the problem.
  4. Kiberis makes more than 4000 diagnoses with a description (except manual/visual, such as fracture, caries, barley, etc., since there are no eyes and hands yet).
  5. Differential diagnostics can be performed between diseases and similar diseases can be viewed.
  6. For the entire set of diagnoses and syndromes , treatment is available according to the standards.
  7. The full-featured option is available after registration.
  8. The service is intended for doctors! By starting to use the service, you automatically agree to user agreement.

Подробнее о сервисе: Survey and diagnosis by artificial intelligence online with the selection of the optimal therapy.
The data is analyzed by occurrence, gender, age, meaning, and overall relationship of symptoms. The result is displayed instantly after each action. This allows you to quickly determine the problem area.

Category - medicine.

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rating: 5/5
хороший сайт.Только начинаю пользоваться,но думаю что меня все больше затягивает

rating: 5/5
Хороший сайт.Удобно узнать свой результат анализов

rating: 5/5
Очень нужный и отличный сервис «КИБЕРИС». Спасибо разработчикам.

Total reviews: 9. Read.