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Decoding of fecal analysis (coprogram) online Копрограмма

Enter date of birth and gender
  1. coprogram (fecal analysis) is decoded for free and online with the diagnosis and selection of treatment using artificial intelligence. More about study.
  2. Fill in the analysis table, and Kiberis itself will calculate all the indicators and draw conclusions. Gender and age are taken into account in all calculations. The age norms may differ significantly from the well-known ones.
  3. What you entered is automatically used in , and then when .
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First enter your date of birth and gender ⬆
I. General properties of feces - description of the study
pH Acid reaction of feces, pH. Eng. - pH. Norm «7-7.5» for a given gender and age.
II. Stool biochemistry - description of the study

Is hidden. blood Fecal occult blood test.
Protein Soluble protein in feces.
Ammonia (NH3) mmol/kg
Calprotectin Fecal calprotectin is a protein whose concentration depends on the number of white blood cells in the intestine. Its increase indicates an inflammatory process. Norm «0-80» for a given gender and age.
III. Stool microscopy - description of the study
Conn. the cloth Connective tissue fibers in feces..
Mouse. fiber Muscle fibers with and without striation..
Neutral fat
Fatty acid
Soap Fatty acid salts.
Cellulose Digestible and non-digestible fiber.
Iodophilus. tank. Iodophilic bacteria (flora).
Erythrocytes Blood in stool.
simplest Various protozoan microorganisms (amoeba, lamblia, etc.).
Worm eggs

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What diseases can be assumed from the analysis of thyroid hormones

DiseaseTSHT3 general and freeT4 is general and freeTGTCGAT-TG and AT-TPOAT-TSH
Thyrotoxicosis acute (complicated)lownormhighPromotedPromotedRisingIncreased
Hyperplasia of the thyroid gland (glandular adenoma)ReducedIncreasedIncreasedPromotedPromotedNot changedIncreased
Endemic goiterIncreased or normalIncreased or normSharply reducedPromotedPromotedNormalNormal
HypothyroidismPromotedConcentration decreasesPromotedReducedRisingNormal
Autoimmune thyroiditisIncreasedIn the early stages, T3 and T4 are elevated, with the depletion of the thyroid gland, these indicators decrease sharply PromotedIncreasedSharply increasedIncreased
Thyroid cancerIncreasedReduced or normalPromotedReducedNot changedNormal

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