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Calorie, Weight Loss, and Basal Metabolic Rate Calculator

Enter date of birth and gender
  1. Calculation of calorie requirements and basal metabolic rate, as well as the necessary reduction of calories for weight loss
  2. Fill in the analysis table, and Kiberis itself will calculate all the indicators and draw conclusions. Gender and age are taken into account in all calculations. The age norms may differ significantly from the well-known ones.
  3. What you entered is automatically used in , and then when .
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First enter your date of birth and gender ⬆
Calculation of weight norms
Height Cm. Norm «161.9-191.2» for a given gender and age. cm.
Weight Kg. kg.
Waist circumference cm.
Hip circumference cm. cm.
Body mass index BMI. Norm «19-27» for a given gender and age.
Waist to hip ratio
Calorie Calculation
Physical activity: mw.:
Daily calorie requirement kcal/day.
Target weight How much weight do you want to lose weight or gain.. kg.
per How long do you plan to lose weight or gain weight. month.
Up to target weight:

Calculation formula

The Mifflin -San Geor formula is used to calculate the daily calorie requirement. First, the basic metabolism (initial calorie requirement) is calculated
  • Men - BMR [9.99 x weight (kg)] + [6.25 x height (cm)] - [4.92 x age (in years)] + 5
  • Women - BMR [9.99 x weight (kg)] + [6.25 x height (cm)] - [4.92 x age (in years)] -161
Then it increases depending on the degree of physical activity:
  • 1.2 - the minimum level of physical activity or its complete absence (sedentary work, lack of sports);
  • 1.3-1.4 light activity level (light physical exercises about 3 times a week, daily morning exercises, hiking);
  • 1.5-1.6 average activity (sports up to 5 times a week);
  • 1.7-1.8 high-level activity (active lifestyle coupled with daily intensive workouts);
  • 1.9-2.0 extremely high activity (sports lifestyle, hard physical labor, long hard workouts every day).

When losing weight or gaining weight

It is not recommended to drastically change the caloric content of the diet . In a week, the diet should be reduced by no more than 300-500 kcal / day. It is extremely allowed to reduce the diet by 20% of the optimal daily calorie content, or by 500 kcal.

It is not recommended to lose or gain more than 1kg per week. This is harmful to health and after a diet will lead to rapid weight gain.

It is recommended to regularly monitor the changes in weight and carry out a timely recalculation of the daily calorie content. If the weight changes by 5 kilograms or more, it is mandatory to revise the daily allowance.

Is it possible to lose weight only on a diet?

You can lose weight, but with a decrease in the daily caloric intake, a person loses not only fat, but also muscle. In addition, losing weight without physical activity is much more difficult. Try to lead a more active lifestyle, do exercises, add a little physical activity

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