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Calculation of body mass index and degree of obesity

Enter date of birth and gender
  1. The calculator calculates the body mass index (BMI) and the conclusion whether the body weight is normal. Takes into account gender and age automatically, including children under one year old.
  2. Fill in the analysis table, and Kiberis itself will calculate all the indicators and draw conclusions. Gender and age are taken into account in all calculations. The age norms may differ significantly from the well-known ones.
  3. What you entered is automatically used in , and then when .
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First enter your date of birth and gender ⬆
Calculation of weight norms
Height Cm. Norm «161.9-191.2» for a given gender and age. cm.
Weight Kg. kg.
Waist circumference cm.
Hip circumference cm. cm.
Body mass index BMI. Norm «19-27» for a given gender and age.
Waist to hip ratio

Learn more about the BMI calculator

Calculating the body mass index is a fairly accurate way to assess whether the patient's weight is normal, or how pronounced obesity is.


I m/h2

where: m - body weight in kilograms; h - height in meters; measured in kg/m .


Normal body mass index values strongly depend on gender and age

Norms of body mass index in adults

Body Mass Index The correspondence between the mass of a person and his height
16 or less Pronounced body weight deficiency
16-18,5 Insufficient (deficit) body weight
18,5-24,99 The norm
25-30 Overweight (pre-obesity)
30-35 Obesity
35-40 Obesity is sharp
40 or more Very severe obesity

Children use their own values

Additional data

The body mass index should be used with caution, solely for an approximate assessment - for example, an attempt to evaluate the physique of professional athletes with its help may give an incorrect result (a high index value in this case is explained by developed musculature). Therefore, for a more accurate assessment of the degree of fat accumulation, along with the body mass index, it is also advisable to determine the indices of central obesity. The body mass index indicator was developed by the Belgian sociologist and statistician Adolphe Quetelet in 1869.

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