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Kiberis-Individual medicine

Kiberis is a medical assistant based on artificial intelligence for diagnostics and personalized therapy, selection of drug analogues, checking the safety of prescriptions and autofill of medical records. No installation required - work immediately.

Kiberis for doctors

  • Express diagnosis
  • Checking the treatment
  • Smart Atlas
  • Selection of homeopathy
  • Chinese Medicine

Kiberis for clinics

  • expert system for doctors that improves the quality of therapy.
  • Full-fledged automated registry.
  • Quick input and decoding of tests.
  • Automatic filling of maps with artificial intelligence.
  • Evaluation of the effectiveness of therapy in dynamics.
  • Online recording directly from the site.
  • Works directly in the browser from any device.
  • All registry components and all updates are free!
  • Support without days off.

Kiberis for patients

Rating: 4.7/5. Ratings: 409.

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