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Kiberis-Individual medicine

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Kiberis - this is an artificial intelligence system designed to select the optimal therapy and check the safety of treatment.
It is not a full-fledged synthetic mind with its own will and consciousness, but it is capable of understanding, comprehension, analysis and self-learning.

Kiberis was created to improve the quality of treatment of patients and create a personalized medicine of the future, which will use all the characteristics of patients together and taking into account their mutual influence on the result of therapy. The main goal of the project is to create a system that will be able to conduct:

  1. Interview the patient and collect the most important symptoms.
  2. Making a diagnosis.
  3. Selection of probable treatment methods.
  4. Their differentiation and selection of the safest and most effective ones.
  5. Evaluate the results of therapy based on each symptom, syndrome, or analysis of the patient.
  6. Creating a highly evidence-based basis for the effectiveness and safety of any therapy.
  7. Quick completion and storage of medical records.
  8. Predicting the results of therapy.
At the moment, much of the above has already been implemented. Read more on the main page Kiberis-Individual medicine.

Why do you need to use Kiberis

This system is designed to significantly increase the effectiveness of therapy and reduce its complications and side effects. No specialist is able to keep in mind as much information as a robot processes. Therefore, using the synthetic mind of Kiberis will allow you to treat patients better than your colleagues, spending less effort on it.

Most of the features of Kiberis are available to everyone for free. However, full professional use of the system without restrictions is paid.

Read more about the benefits of a Kiberis subscription on a separate page.

History of the development of the project «Kiberis»

This large-scale project of universal artificial intelligence (AI) began long before the creation of the site. Mikhail and Anton Vasin thought about its creation in high school, considering artificial intelligence the main breakthrough of mankind in the coming decades. However, the implementation was not so simple - it was necessary to combine AI technologies and a deep understanding of medicine. And to develop a universal artificial intelligence itself, which no one has ever managed to do.

Vasin Mikhail followed the path of artificial intelligence, and after graduating from the university in 2008 and receiving several patents, he began to prepare for the creation of the future Kiberis brain. First, the technology was successfully tested on bots in the game WoW. And in 2012, a self-developing exchange bot was launched, which currently finances the development of the Kiberis project.

Vasin Anton closed the second direction - in 2014, he received a medical degree (and at the same time the second-a universal programmer) and began an in-depth study of medicine in graduate school. It was in 2014 that everything needed to create a universal AI was ready and the site was registered

Since the core of universal artificial intelligence was already more ready, the systematic creation of various functions based on AI began. However, the main drawback of universal artificial intelligence is the complexity of its training - to teach it medicine, you had to tell it about everything in medicine.

By 2015, Kiberis was filled with tens of thousands of descriptions of medicines and pharmaceutical groups, and in 2016 - of diseases and herbal medicines. He learned how to compare drugs and check the safety of their use, interview patients and make a diagnosis. In the process, an interactive interface based on the latest technologies appeared.

In 2017, all available information becomes structured and linked to each other, and official national guidelines and treatment standards appear. The AI begins to decipher the tests, select analogues for any drugs, explain its decisions, and generate individual statistics on the effectiveness of drugs.

And in 2018, there is a breakthrough in training - the AI has learned to select individual therapy and diagnostics, taking into account all the features, and thus closed the medical cycle. That is, Kiberis already knew everything that a doctor can do, something better, something worse. All this has led to the fact that Kiberis has gained popularity as one of the best medical websites in Russia.

By 2019, Kiberis is already used by hundreds of thousands of people every month to solve medical problems, and the audience of medical experts is constantly expanding. In early 2020, a full-fledged medical assistant will be completed and the introduction of Kiberis in medical institutions will begin.

At the beginning of 2020, a key update was released, in which Kiberis became a full-fledged medical assistant, able to suggest solutions to many tasks and independently fill out medical documentation. Also, Kiberis has made a big step in the diagnosis and selection of therapy.

In 2021, the system was translated into English and began to be used in England and other European countries, as well as in India. The next step will be to improve the quality and connect Kiberis to other medical devices to automate and generalize the analysis of all patient information.

More information about the development of the project can be found in the timeline of the release of updates to Kiberis.

Project creators

Vasin Anton Sergeevich

Vasin Anton Seregeyevich

Position: head of the medical department, lead developer, content manager

Basic specialty: doctor-therapist (received medical education in Ryazan State Medical University in Ryazan in 2014). In 2018, he completed a medical postgraduate course at the Ryazan State Medical University.
Also is He is also a universal-programmer, one of the key developers of the Kiberis project.

Vasin Mikhail Sergeevich

Vasin Mikhail Seregeyevich

Position: Head of the AI Department

Basic specialty: communications engineer (signalman) (in 2008 he graduated from MTUCI in Moscow).
A specialist in artificial intelligence, for 20 years he has been developing robotic AI systems in various fields, including medicine.

Vasin Sergey Evgenievich

Vasin Sergey Evgenievich

Position: medical consultant

Doctor-a homeopath with extensive work experience, who has several additional specialties.
Currently also the chief medical officer Ryazan Homeopathic Center.

Also, dozens of medical experts and technical specialists participated in the development of the project, who were involved in improving the quality and reliability of Kiberis medical information.

Our contacts

Programmer's phone number: +7(905) 769-20-26
Skype: vasin_anton_sergeevich

Year of the beginning of the Kiberis project- 2014y, Moscow

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Огромная благодарность за огромную работу и создание программы Многие вопросы были решены, а среди прочих - доставка гомеопатических препаратов.Заказали легко и просто через программу препараты, в том числе нозоды. Мгновенная доставка из Севастополя до Москвы почтой. Спасибо за невероятное, но очевидное удобство работы с программой ))

rating: 5/5
Отличная программа

rating: 5/5
Огромное спасибо за программу. Помогает решать сложные задачи подбора. 5 и еще раз 5

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