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Azithromycin (active substance) - analogs

Prices in pharmacies: Instructions Azithromycin
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Azithromycin included in the composition

Prices in
Azithromycin avexima 0.3-0.7€
AzitRuse 0.4-0.6€
Azitrox 0.7-3.1€
Azithromycin 0.5-2.7€
Azithromycin Sanofi 2.6-2.9€
Azithromycin Forte-ACOS 1.3€
Azithromycin Ecomed 1.2-2.3€
Azithromycin-AKOS 1.2€
Azithromycin-Vertex 1.9-2€
Zitrolid forte 2-2.4€
Sumamed 1.7-4.8€
Sumamed forte 2-6.4€
Sumamox 1.3€
Hemomycin 0.9-3.3€
Azitral 1-1.3€
Azithromycin dihydrate
Zitrolid 3.2-3.5€
Azidrol 2.4-3€
Azithromycin Forte-OBL 1.2-2.2€
Azithromycin Macleods 0.9€
Azithromycin-OBL 1.5€
Azithromycin Renewal
AzitRuse forte 1.3€
Ecomed 2.7-2.8€
Sumameciyne forte
Sumatrolid Solution Tablets 1.5-2.4€
Zetamax retard
ZI-Factor 2-2.1€
Zitnob 3.6€
Azithromycin Forte
Sumatrolid solutab 3.7€
Azithromycin-Zentiva 3.2€
Azithromycin Sandoz
Azithrocin 0,25 g in capsules

Learn more about the selection of analogues

  1. The drug has «Azithromycin» 51 analog by action, the most similar - Clarithromycin .
  2. Medical online service has selected the best substitutes for Azithromycin based on its instructions, components, pharmaceutical groups and practical application.
  3. The table shows the prices of Azithromycin analogues to choose the cheapest pills.
  4. If you have introduced other drugs for registration, substitutes are selected taking into account the assessment of interactions and safety.
  5. Sometimes, due to the presence of dangerous interactions, it is necessary to use drugs that are similar in effect, sometimes even from different pharmacological groups.

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