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Riboflavin (active substance) - analogs

Prices in pharmacies: Instructions Riboflavin
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Riboflavin included in the composition

Prices in
Hexavit 0.3-0.7€
Hendevit 0.6€
Pikovit 3-6.3€
Pikovit forte 3.7-4.5€
Revit 0.3-0.6€
Undevit 0.5-0.6€
Soluvit N
Cernevit 35.7-35.8€
Riboflavin-mononucletide 0.8-1.2€
Riboflavin High Flow 100
Riboflavin sodium phosphate
Riboflavin-5-phosphate sodium
Multi-tabs B-Complex
Sana-Sol-Polivitamin complex
Stress formula 600
Stresstabs 500
Vectrum junior
Multi-tabs Immuno Kid s
Multi-tabs Immuno Plus 7.4€
Vitrum Plus 4.9-10.3€
Vitrum Junior Plus 5.4-6.2€
Hepasteril A
Hepasteril B
Taxofit polyvitamins+minerals and microelements
Vitaminorum B1, B2, C tablets
Arnebia effervescent tablets beta carotene+calcium 1.4-1.9€
Arnebia LT Zinc+Vitamin C 2.5€
Arnebia effervescent tablets multivitamin 1.2-1.8€
Arnebia swallowable tablets magnesium+vitamin B complex 5.5€
More than Antioxidants Life formula
Beauty-tabs CHARM
Centrum Materna multivitamin complex
Centrum Multivitamin complex from A to Zinc 6.9€
Centrum with Lutein
Centrum Silver Multivitamin complex from A to Zinc 8.6€
Centrum Silver with Lutein
Duovit for men 7.9€
Duovit for women 7.1€
Floradix Multivital 8.2€
Lutrin 7.6-8.7€
Menopause Lady s formula 8.1-9€
MR. HHOP 5.5€
Multi-tabs EcoLogic
Multi-tabs Immuno Kid s 5.7-5.8€
Multi-tabs Immuno Plus 7.4€
New Derm Skin Biofactors Lady s formula
Pikovit Omega 3
Pikovit plus 4.2-4.8€
Pikovit Prebiotic
Multivitamins Kid s formula 2.5€
Pregnomama 11.9€
Prenatal Optima 7.1€
Vitrum Beauty Plus 14€
Vitrum Century Plus 7.2€
Vitrum Kids Plus 5.3-5.8€
Vitrum Plus 4.9-10.3€
Vitrum Prenatal Plus 5.9-20.9€
Vitrum Superstress Plus 5.9€
Vitrum Vision Plus 16.9€
Vitrum Plus Junior 5.4-6.2€
Vivacia Multi A-Z 12€
Vivacia Beauty complex 12.7€
Vivacia Vitamin B Complex 9.2€
Arnebia effervescent tablets vitamin C 1.4€
Pharma-Med Kid s formula Plus calcium (chewy bears plus calcium) 8.8-9.3€
Multivitamins Vitamin C Kid s formula
Saluvision Augenschutz
Sport Drink
Arnebia GP Multivitamin+Minerals 1.5-2.4€
Arnebia 24 complex 7.2-7.3€
BP Phyto Control
Multi-tabs Immuno Kid s
Affi line
Agel UMI
Akebiae Caulis
Active Burner Drink
Pikovit Unique 1.9-2.7€
Femibion Natalcare I 4.9-5.8€
Femibion Natalcare II 11.6€
Ali caps plus

Learn more about the selection of analogues

  1. The drug has «Riboflavin» 51 analog by action, the most similar - Calcium pantothenate .
  2. Medical online service has selected the best substitutes for Riboflavin based on its instructions, components, pharmaceutical groups and practical application.
  3. The table shows the prices of Riboflavin analogues to choose the cheapest pills.
  4. If you have introduced other drugs for registration, substitutes are selected taking into account the assessment of interactions and safety.
  5. Sometimes, due to the presence of dangerous interactions, it is necessary to use drugs that are similar in effect, sometimes even from different pharmacological groups.

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