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Хондроитина сульфат натрия - analogs

Description and criteria for selecting analogues

Diseases for selection
Not interact with
Add diseases and medications so that Kiberis chooses analogues that do not have dangerous contraindications and interactions with the introduced ones.
Description «Хондроитина сульфат натрия» Prices in pharmacies: 
Components Chondroitin sulfate


Similar Complete analogs for the substance Prices in
≈100% Chondroitin-AKOS 1.4-5.7€
≈100% Chondroitin 1.9-4€
≈100% Chondroitin-VERTEX 2.8-12.3€
≈100% Chondroxide 2.9-7.4€
≈100% Chondroxide unguentum 3-4.2€
≈100% AmbeneChondro 3.1€
≈100% Mucosat 3.1-15.7€
≈100% Chondroitin sulfate sodium 4.8€
≈100% Chondrolonum 5.2-5.5€
≈100% Chondroitin sulfate 6.1€
≈100% Artradol 7.6-15€
≈100% Glucosamine Chondroitin 7.6€
≈100% Drastop 8.2-8.3€
≈100% Chondroitin-B 8.6€
≈100% Chondrogard 11.8-37.6€
≈100% Structum 15.9€
≈100% Chondroitin
≈100% Chondromed-Lekpharm
≈100% Apinat CAFE
≈100% Artravir-Inkamfarm
≈100% ARTRA Chondroitin
≈100% Chondroitin Sulfate-Trivium
≈100% Chonsurid


  1. Choose medicines from 🔍 Quick search on the top panel using
  2. All funds are shown similar to the action, with the degree of similarity as a percentage.
  3. If there is an active substance a list is displayed full analogs (with the same components).
  4. Enter the means with which the analogues should not interact through a quick search on the button or through the drug input menu.
  5. Add diseases to account for indications, contraindications, and side effects through a quick search on or through input menu.
  6. Decoding the colors of interactions and contraindications

    Dangerousa pronounced negative interaction or contraindication.
    Negativenegative interaction or side effect that may reduce effectiveness.
    Positivethe interaction can SOMETIMES be used as a positive (often a dose adjustment is needed), or it is an indication of the drug.
    Nothe drugs do NOT interact, which is separately indicated in the instructions.
    Unclearthe system failed to pre-assess the danger.
  7. By using the service, you agree to user agreement. Сервисы Киберис не заменяют врача!

About the selection of analogues by artificial intelligence

The advantage of Kiberis is its versatility, thanks to which it is able to select analogues for any drugs. Artificial intelligence analyzes indications, contraindications, components, pharmacological groups, as well as information on the practical use of drugs, and outputs the best replacements with a degree of similarity in percent.
Complete analogues of drugs are not always available, and their use is not always possible due to the presence of dangerous drug interactions. Therefore, it is necessary to use just similar drugs, sometimes even from different pharmacological groups.

    Why do I need to search for analogues

  1. Medical online service is designed to select the optimal replacement for medicines.
  2. Find cheap analogues for expensive medicines.
  3. For medicines that do not have complete analogues, see the list of the most similar drugs for use.
  4. Choose substitutes based on interactions and contraindications.
  5. If you are a professional, then the help of artificial intelligence will help in the selection of treatment.

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недавно, но, судя по всему, очень круто

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Очень круто.

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Полная картина аналогов, можно подобрать по ситуации и по финансам. Здоровья всем

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