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Sound homeopathic medicines

Drugs in the prescription: 0
How to use and benefits

Thanks to artificial intelligence, we received a signal that repeats the action of the original homeopathic remedies, also purified and strengthened it.

  1. All drugs in the prescription will be issued at the same time. You will hear the noise/crackle they are recorded for.
  2. How long to listen? - Usually a minute or less is enough.
  3. How can a doctor protect himself from sound? - Put headphones on the patient!
  4. How similar will the result be to the original? - Similar, the effect is reproduced on the Fall and ART.
  5. If you don't hear any noise, you may have the sound turned off, or the sound playback in the browser is prohibited. Playback of generated files is often prohibited on the iphone, use yandex brouser.

Advantages of sound forms

  1. The purified signal often works better, since the effect of the drug on the granules is weakened by micro-impurities and fades over time.
  2. Profitable - subscription gives access to a variety of drugs at once, and at the same time to the selection of homeopathy.
  3. It can be used in remote places if there is no access to the original drugs. For example, on vacation.
  4. No need to leave the house for the application. Patients can be given treatment simply by following the link.
  5. It can be applied locally, which can be useful for headaches, local pains, etc.
List of sound preparations

Rating: 4.6/5. Ratings: 32.

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Работающая и доступная в режиме 24/7 технология

rating: 5/5
Отличная технология Очень нужны LM потенции в звуковой форме

rating: 5/5
Технология себя зарекомендовывает очень положительно Благодарю за расширение списка звуковых файлов, удачи вам и новых успехов )

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