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Benzodiazepine abuse - analogs

Additional data to search for similar diseases

Description «Benzodiazepine abuse»

Similar diseases



  1. Choose diseases from 🔍 Quick search the top panel using
  2. All funds are shown similar to the action, with the degree of similarity as a percentage.
  3. Add symptoms and diseases , so that they are taken into account when selecting similar diseases, through a quick search on the button or through input menu.
  4. Gender and age, if they are indicated in the patient, are taken into account.
  5. Compare the selected diagnosis with similar ones to see their most important distinguishing features by clicking the button .
  6. By using the service, you agree to user agreement. Kiberis services do not replace the doctor!

About the selection of analogues by artificial intelligence

The advantage of Kiberis is its versatility, thanks to which it is able to select analogues for anything, including for diseases and diagnoses. Artificial intelligence analyzes descriptions of diseases, clinical recommendations for their treatment, real statistics on making diagnoses and displays the most similar diseases with a degree of similarity in percent.

Why do we need to search for similar diseases

  1. Medical online service designed to help in differential diagnosis.
  2. Find similar diseases for a diagnosis that causes irritation.
  3. If you are a professional, then the help of artificial intelligence will help in the express diagnostics.

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