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C00-C97 Malignant neoplasms

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Tree of ICD-10 diagnoses

  1. Description
  2. Related diseases
  3. Related clinical guidelines
  4. Related standards of medical care
  5. Basic medical services
  6. Clinics for treatment


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Related diseases

Related clinical guidelines

Related standards of medical care

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Basic medical services (according to which clinics are selected)

    • Medical consultations

    • Oncologist consultation
    • Consultation of an otolaryngologist
    • Consultation of an infectious disease specialist
    • Consultation of a urologist
    • Consultation of a rheumatologist
    • Consultation of a pulmonologist
    • Consultation of a mammologist
    • Analyzes

    • Mantoux Test
    • Cytology of lymph node punctate
    • Diagnostics

    • Ultrasound of lymph nodes
    • MRI of the abdominal cavity
    • Lymph node biopsy
    • Biopsy of axillary lymph nodes
    • Arthroscopy
    • Anthropometry with BMI calculation

Clinics near metro «Первомайская» (of 10 selected medical services)

Total: 5
КДЦ Измайловский НМХЦ им. Пирогова - Москва (M. Первомайская) +7(499) 464-03-03 48270₽ (90%*)The clinic provides only 90% selected medical services
Детский КДЦ НМХЦ им. Н.И. Пирогова - Москва (M. Первомайская) +7(499) 464-03-03
+7(499) 463-65-30
29070₽ (80%*)The clinic provides only 80% selected medical services
НМХЦ им. Пирогова на Нижней Первомайской 70 - Москва (M. Первомайская) +7(499) 464-03-03 49350₽ (80%*)The clinic provides only 80% selected medical services
Семейный доктор на Нижней Первомайской - Москва (M. Первомайская) +7(495) 780-07-71 139610₽ (80%*)The clinic provides only 80% selected medical services
ГКБ №57 им. Д.Д. Плетнева на 11-й Парковой - Москва (M. Первомайская) +7(495) 700-57-57
+7(495) 465-24-23
+7(499) 780-08-04
21280₽ (50%*)The clinic provides only 50% selected medical services
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