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D47 Other neoplasms of uncertain or unknown behaviour of lymphoid, haematopoietic and related tissue

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  2. Related diseases
  3. Related clinical guidelines
  4. Basic medical services
  5. Clinics for treatment
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Basic medical services (according to which clinics are selected)

    • Medical consultations

    • Consultation with a cardiologist
    • Consultation of a neurologist
    • Consultation of a hematologist
    • Analyzes

    • Immunoglobulin E (IgE) in the blood
    • General blood test
    • Blood Fibrinogen
    • ACTV
    • Diagnostics

    • Ultrasound of the abdominal cavity
    • MRI of the brain
    • Anthropometry with BMI calculation

Clinics in the city «Сосновый Бор» (of 7 selected medical services)

Total: 4 in 2 cities
МЦ Титанмед в Сосновом Бору на Комсомольской - Сосновый Бор +7( 697-32-73
+7(813) 692-22-42
7480₽ (70%*)The clinic provides only 70% selected medical services
МЦ Титанмед в Сосновом Бору на Ленинградской - Сосновый Бор +7( 697-32-73
+7(813) 692-22-42
11210₽ (70%*)The clinic provides only 70% selected medical services
МСЧ №38 в Сосновом Бору - Сосновый Бор (M. Автово) +7( 692-22-90
3135₽ (60%*)The clinic provides only 60% selected medical services
Хеликс на Счастливой - (M. Чкаловская) +7( 116-82-39
+7(343) 318-31-76
+7(800) 700-03-03
rating: 4.6
6735₽ (50%*)The clinic provides only 50% selected medical services
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