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Comparison results

Add for comparison more than one drug or diagnosis.
Results: Differences Similar Sebaceous gland adenoma
Related research Analogs
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Measurements at the reception 33%(0)
Distinctive symptoms
Register, to see more distinctive signs of diseases and studies 100%
Register, to see more distinctive signs of diseases and studies 92%
benign epithelial tumors 81%
skin neoplasms 67%
papules 63%
benign neoplasms 63%
oily skin 61%
round rashes 58%
warts 58%
nevus of the sebaceous glands 55%
seborrhea 55%
oncology 54%
epithelioma 53%
gastroduodenitis in children 52%
enteritis in children 51%
pink face 50%
keratoacanthoma of the skin 49%
rashes on his legs 49%
gastritis in children 49%
colitis in children 46%
rough skin 44%
cancer 44%
yellow skin color 43%
face is yellow 43%
tuberous sclerosis 43%
chronic enteritis 40%
crusts on the head 39%
scarring 39%
acute colitis 38%
lot of moles 37%
acute duodenitis 36%
gastroenteritis 36%
erosive gastritis 36%
dermatitis and eczema 35%
complexion 35%
enteritis 35%
rapid growth 35%
eczema 34%
skin problems 34%
duodenitis 34%
warts 33%
colitis 32%
jaundice 32%
skin cancer 32%
is available 32%
delayed reaction 32%
small rash 32%
low body temperature 31%
gastritis 31%
lot of operations in small things 31%
heredity predisposition 30%
dermatitis 29%
dependence on plastic surgery 29%
does not feel pain 29%
fighting 28%
hormonal disorders 27%
necrosis 26%


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