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Common between diagnoses


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  1. Introduce new diseases through 🔍 Search and input on the top panel using
  2. The table shows the most similar ones symptoms and tests of diseases for which they overlap.
  3. The higher the percentage, the more important this symptom is for the disease and vice versa. At 0%, we can say that this symptom never occurs in the disease.
  4. The list changes dynamically depending on the data of the current visit in the selection of therapy .
  5. Click on the percentageto see the suggestions from the original source.
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How drug comparison works

The Kiberis artificial intelligence compares drugs and diagnoses directly according to the instructions, finding distinctive signs based on individual statistics of the effectiveness of therapy.
Online Medical Service analyzes the text of the compared drugs and shows those symptoms/contraindications that are not present in the other drugs for comparison, or they are the opposite.

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