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Thiamphenicol, glycinate acetylcysteinate

  1. Pharmacological Group
  2. Latin name
  3. Chemical name
  4. CAS Code
  5. Used in the treatment of
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Thiamphenicol, glycinate acetylcysteinate

Pharmacological Group

Secretolytics and stimulants of respiratory tract motor function || Amphenicols

Latin name

 Thiamphenicoli glycinas acetylcysteinas ( Thiamphenicoli glycinatis acetylcysteinatis).

Chemical name

 [(2R,3R)-2-[(2,2-Дихлорацетил)амино]-3-гидрокси-3-(4-метилсульфонилфенил)пропил] 2-амино-3-[[(2R)-1-метилсульфанил-3-оксопропан-2-ил]амино]-3-оксопропаноат.

CAS Code


Used in the treatment of

Included in the composition

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