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Sources: Kiberis, Эдас

Performance statistics based

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    Genitourinary system: E 30%, I 0%, 4 cases. 365 meds

    Last updated date: 07.07.2024

    The personalized statistics of Kiberis assesses the importance of symptoms for drugs and the effectiveness of treatment of symptoms and diseases, taking into account the individuality of each patient.
    The data is grouped by meaning in the form of a repertory. The atlas displays the most significant organs for this drug.
    E - Efficiency. How much the symptom improves in one treatment cycle on average. Example: drug Pain relief for cancer pain-Effectiveness (E) is high, but the effect (I) is negative, because the patient will get worse over time.
    I - The effect of the symptom on the overall outcome of the patient's treatment (i.e., the importance of the symptom). Example: menopause can not be cured (E low). But some means during menopause will be better than others (I high).
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