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Comparison results

Add for comparison more than one drug or diagnosis.
Results: Differences Similar Abuse of methylphenidate
Distinctive symptoms Analogs
Register, to see more distinctive signs of diseases and studies 100%
Register, to see more distinctive signs of diseases and studies 54%
euphoria 51%
cataplexy 48%
affective disorders 48%
perfectionism 42%
schizoaffective psychosis 42%
conflict in the family 41%
psychosis 41%
madness 41%
confusion 40%
hyperactive child 38%
convulsions 38%
pronounced loss of strength 37%
weakness 36%
visual hallucinations 36%
not enough strength 36%
low self-esteem 35%
hyperactive 33%
nervous excitability 32%
leg cramps 31%
tremor 31%
calculating 30%
decreased concentration 29%
irritability 29%
dependence on the doctor 29%
general weakness 28%
pain chest 28%
fighting 28%
no appetite 28%
sweating 28%
quickly gets tired 27%
nausea 27%
vomiting 26%
recovery period 26%
headaches 26%
stage of recovery 26%
feeling of bruising 26%
childhood diseases 24%
mental illness 24%
patient's condition 23%


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  3. The higher the percentage, the more important this symptom is for the disease and vice versa. At 0%, we can say that this symptom never occurs in the disease.
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