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Comparison results

Add for comparison more than one drug or diagnosis.
Results: Differences Similar Chronic monocytic leukemia
Related research Analogs
Register, to see more distinctive signs of diseases and studies 100%(15)
Blood biochemistry 73%(5)
General urine test 59%(4)
Coagulogram 44%(1)
Distinctive symptoms
Register, to see more distinctive signs of diseases and studies 100%
Register, to see more distinctive signs of diseases and studies 76%
mchc reduced 73%
increased cc-mv 73%
increase in creatine kinase 63%
alcoholism 59%
leukocyturia 59%
alcohol dependence 54%
proteinuria 53%
acute leukemia 50%
monocytosis 48%
onset of illness 43%
professional cancer 34%
waldenstrom 's macroglobulinemia 31%
thrombocytopenia 30%
chronic myeloid leukemia 28%
erythrocytic anemia 27%
blood diseases 27%
hypergammaglobulinemia 24%
subacute condition 21%
hemorrhagic syndrome 21%
hepatosplenomegaly 19%
very correct 19%
malignant lymphoma 19%
enlargement of the liver and spleen 19%
enlarged lymph nodes 18%
enlargement of the spleen 18%
increased ESR 18%
chronic anemia 18%
enlarged liver 17%
benign neoplasms 16%
tuberculosis 16%
leukocytosis 16%
chronic leukemia 15%
strong man 15%
high temperature 14%
childhood diseases 14%
chronic lymphocytic 13%
lymphocytic 11%
leukemia 11%
with anemia 10%
metastases 10%
oncology 10%
cancer 9%


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