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Comparison results

Add for comparison more than one drug or diagnosis.
Results: Differences Similar Paget's Disease
Related research Analogs
Register, to see more distinctive signs of diseases and studies 29%(1)
Measurements at the reception 26%(0)
Histological studies 20%(0)
Distinctive symptoms
Register, to see more distinctive signs of diseases and studies 100%
Register, to see more distinctive signs of diseases and studies 75%
seals in the chest 71%
itching of the nipples 70%
paget's disease 67%
eczema nipples 66%
osteitis 63%
breast cancer 63%
solid tumors 61%
breast cancer 60%
breast tumor 60%
lymph nodes are hard 58%
solid tumor 54%
osteoporosis 54%
bone deformation 53%
itching of the skin of the chest 53%
metastases 52%
radiation therapy 51%
nose itching wandering 50%
itchy eczema 49%
radiation damage 49%
lymph node lesion 48%
breast cancer in men 47%
eczema 46%
itchy skin 46%
post - castration syndrome 45%
cancer 45%
skin cancer 44%
eczema with lymph 43%
oncology 42%
skin problems 42%
disease operation 42%
skin neoplasms 41%
reddening of the skin 41%
treatment with hormonal ointments 41%
precancerous skin diseases 41%
is available 40%
to increase the mammary glands 40%
rashes itchy 39%
polyendocrine adenomatosis 38%
redness of the skin of the chest 37%
there is an increase in lymph nodes in the back, a hard 37%
neoplasms of the vulva 37%
pain in the bones of the pelvis 37%
vomiting 36%
breast sarcoma 36%
itching during the day 36%
pain in the nipples 35%
appendages of the uterus 34%
changes your mind 34%
pain in the legs 33%
skin itching redness 33%
sensitivity to pain 32%
nausea vomiting 32%
reasonable 32%
nipple discharge 31%
numbness of the legs 31%
genital neoplasms 31%
rashes on the chest 31%
m 31%
pain in the collarbone 31%
female pelvic organs 31%
limitation of the amplitude of movements 31%
wandering pains 31%
precancer 30%
nausea 30%
external bleeding 29%
burning itching 29%
pain in the shins 28%
menopause 27%
pain pain in the bones 27%
peeling 27%
burning of the skin 27%
onset of illness 27%
pain in the lymph 27%
osteosarcoma 27%
high height 26%
variable symptoms 26%
restriction of movement 26%
skin compaction 26%
enlarged lymph nodes 25%
the skin is black 25%
joint deformation 25%
full 25%
20 years 25%
red rash 24%
lymphosarcoma 24%
burns 23%
dependence on plastic surgery 23%
pain chest 22%
benign neoplasms 22%
hormonal disorders 21%
emotional 21%
bleeding 21%
effects of surgery 20%
consequences of taking medications 19%
paget's vulva disease 17%
vulvar sarcoma 17%
constantly changing opinion 17%


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