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Drug compatibility online drug

To check for safety, add more than one drug or a disease.

Interaction table

Carfilzomib Analogs

Decoding the colors of interactions and contraindications

Dangerousa pronounced negative interaction or contraindication.
Negativenegative interaction or side effect that may reduce effectiveness.
Positivethe interaction can SOMETIMES be used as a positive (often a dose adjustment is needed), or it is an indication of the drug.
Nothe drugs do NOT interact, which is separately indicated in the instructions.
Unclearthe system failed to pre-assess the danger.

Video instruction

Additional information

  • Kiberis checks interactions and evaluates drug compatibility for free online right in the instructions thanks to the latest artificial intelligence technologies. The accuracy of finding is more than 95%, the accuracy of the hazard assessment is more than 80%. The online medical service takes into account all the drug groups of the selected drugs and all their components. And since the database contains 25,000 drugs with detailed instructions, not every pharmacologist can compete with our artificial intelligence. List of popular interactions.
  • Why do I need to
    • Avoid dangerous prescriptions for your patients.
    • Check the contraindications.
    • Evaluate the safety of therapy in the treatment of children.
    • See the compatibility of drugs with alcohol (enter it as a drug).
    • Point the doctor to the found interaction - you may need to adjust the therapy.
    • Do you need an API for interactions/drug analogues for your project? Write to us.
  • The use of information about interactions is only possible as an introduction. This information should not be used to adjust therapy without consulting a specialist.
  • The article is written: artificial intelligence
  • Sources: official instructions for medicines and their active substances, as well as inter-group interactions described in medical studies and textbooks.
  • Total analyzed: 169,981,677 possible combinations of drugs and their components were found 412,517 interacting combinations.
  • Medicine section: Standard evidence-based medicine
  • The date of the last update of the interaction database: 2024-07-25

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