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Kent-Boger Repertory Online

What is it?

Free online Kent-Boger repertory for online repertorization, performing all the calculations itself. It is an interactive pointer to the symptoms of Materia Medica, which you can use from any device.

The repertory task

Facilitate the selection of a homeopathic preparation for homeopaths who are accustomed to repertorization. The rest of the doctors are recommended to select drugs using artificial intelligence Kiberis.

How to repertorize

For repertorization, use the search by repertory, or open the categories manually and read. All 'parent' categories are added automatically. Different methods of calculating the result are available.
Service category: homeopathy. Type: repertorization online.

Rating: 4.8/5. Ratings: 235.

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rating: 5/5
It is very convenient, and the books are also here. Special thanks for the statistics, it helps a lot.

Total reviews: 37. Read.