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About the Ryazan Homeopathic Center

LLC «Homeopathic Center» - the oldest and most reliable homeopathic clinic in Ryazan. The center works with 2002 year and during this time, it received tens of thousands of patients from different cities. Prescribed homeopathic medicines can be purchased directly from the homeopathic pharmacy, which is part of the medical institution.

You can make an appointment with a homeopath by phone +7 (4912) 24-84-91 and +7 (4912) 96-58-58. Homeopaths have an appointment from Monday to Saturday from 9 to 20h.

Homeopathy treatment is particularly effective in the following cases

Address: Ryazan, Pushkin Street, 7. Email:

For more information, go to the . There you can also learn more about making an appointment with homeopathic doctors, about each specialist and about the homeopathic pharmacy.

Rating: 4.9/5. Ratings: 8.

Evaluate the quality of the Homeopathic Center

rating: 5/5
Спасибо огромное врачам Гомеопатического центра (особенно Васину Антону). Избавился от регулярных спазмов и приступов страха буквально за пару месяцев, хотя до этого лечился у многих врачей без эффекта годами. Ставлю твёрдую пятерку.